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June 01,2013 By

We’ve seen how much you liked our May Special of free regular shipping on Orders over $100 and because you liked it so much we’ve decided to continue to offer it!

All you have to do to access the discount is like us on Facebook, click here and get the free shipping code, then simply place an order of over $100 (shipping and taxes excluded) and add the discount code!

Click here to get the code!

Other News:

Design Changes

Throughout 2013 Sigma brushes will transition to a newly updated design exclusive to Sigma Beauty and Sigma Beauty Authorized Retailers.

Our new three ring ferrule is a key aspect in the new brush design. This unique feature provides superior strength and is a first in the beauty industry.

With a patent pending, the brush design will be exclusive to Sigma Beauty. Customers around the world will associate the three rings with Sigma and differentiate our brand from the competition. In addition, individuals responsible for brush replicas or copies will be liable for patent infringement.

The last distinguishing feature of the new brush design is the country of origin displayed on the back of the brush. Sigma brushes once displayed USA on the front of the brush, because Sigma is U.S.A. based company. All of our operations, quality control, product development, design and marketing functions take place in house at our headquarters in the U.S. However, all of our products are proudly manufactured in China. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding the new brush models display Made In China.

The new brush transition will continue throughout the year. The change will be a gradual process and each brush model will change over to the new design at different times.

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