Seasonal Makeup Tips

Different seasons inspire different looks.  Experiment with product types and colours that you may not normally use, but remember to apply sun protection all year round.


Letting your skin breathe during the warmer months is essential, so try using tinted moisturisers or the new BB creams for a lighter foundation option, and use concealer only on the areas that need heavier coverage.  Keeping makeup from sliding away due to heat and perspiration is important, so a primer is a great investment at this time of year.  A primer smooths the skin’s surface and also forms a barrier between the skin and foundation, helping the foundation to stay put.  Foundations in powder compact forms are a good choice also, as they hold well.  To achieve a dewy finish while using powder products, brush a hint of shimmer along the top of your cheekbone.  Eyeshadows can serve a dual purpose here – try “Versailles”, “Command” or “Approach”.   Add a dusting of translucent powder on the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone) with the F30 brush to assist in keeping shininess at bay.

Use lighter shades of colour on the eyes to reflect the warmer feel of these months.  If you have large eyes or wide-set eyes, use very light shades sparingly.  Metallic bronzes and golds are fabulous for giving eyes lift and sparkle on a warm night.  If the smokey eye appeals, remember that it can be achieved with any colour, not just the traditional blacks, greys and browns.  Purple hues are great to experiment with and perfect for Spring – try “Allure” or “Gossip”.  Popping on a purple or navy mascara with a “nude” eyeshadow will add some fun to your Spring look, whilst brown mascara is pretty for a natural Summer look.

Rather than soaking in the sun, pull-off the golden look by sweeping bronzer on your cheeks.  Lip glosses and tints are a lighter option for the summer months.  Corals and bright pinks are great colours to use.



Skin tends to dry out in the colder months.  Moisturise well and opt for products which are nourishing like liquid foundations.  For those with oily skin, look for an oil-free formula.

These seasons call for more powerful colours on the eyes like charcoals, chocolates and deep blues.  Suggestions are “Triomphe”, “Eiffel”, “Hitch” and “Seine”.  If these colours are too strong for you, pat the eyeshadow on softly with an E50 or E55 brush for a less-intense finish.  Adding a volumising black mascara will complete the eyes.

Cream blushes can be daunting to use at first, but will provide moisture and are great for giving a beautiful glow when worked into the skin.  Try brushes F50 or F80 to assist application.  Just a little bit of practise with these and you’ll become addicted to cream blushes.  Terracottas, peaches and dusty pinks will give you a boost when you can be feeling a little grey!

Powerful lips are great to try at this time of year – oranges, reds and berry shades are fabulous, or perhaps try a plum which suits most skin tones.  If you’re nervous about using a deep shade, just apply it with a light hand until you’re ready for the full, saturated colour look. 

Remember – it’s preferable to keep the focus on one feature only … but the only rule for makeup is that you feel comfortable … if you want to wear smouldering eyes and red lips in summer – go for it and wear with confidence!!