Sigma Brushes

Sigma Makeup BrushesSigma Beauty has an extensive range of professional makeup brushes to suit any use. The company started in 2008 and has grown fast due to their modern method of marketing via social channels and online referrals, but it isn;t just the marketing that has seen them explode onto the international makeup scene, their high quality products, especially their makeup brushes, have been their key to success.

Individual Brushes

With 52 unique brushes to choose from there’s something for everyone, from the hero kabuki brush F80 to the precise e21 from the Performance Eye kit, Sigma gives you the tools to create some amazing looks.

Sigma also has different styled ferrules for a range of brushes, so you can select your preferred colour to match.

Brush Sets

With a total of sets 23 to choose from, Sigma has kits for basic everyday use like the Essiental Kit, as well as kits targeted to makeup artists with specific more advanced needs e.g. Premium Kit, Advanced Artistry Kit, Performance Eye Kit.

Let’s not forget their most popular kit the Synthetic Kabuki Kit, and it’s little brother the Synthetic Precision Kit, which are quite unique to the market and are patented by Sigma.

Both the Mr and Mrs Bunny Kits are also Vegan, so if natural isn’t for you, these are ideal.

There are several major cosmetic brands that produce excellent makeup brushes, e.g. MAC, Napoleon, Bobbi Brown, etc. but these brands are often highly over priced, especially in Australia, so Sigma’s quality and affordability is a dream come true for makeup artists around the globe.


Sigma has completely revamped their Ferrules this year to the new three ringed design which provides better stability with less chance of the ferrule becoming loose from wear and tear, they have also phased out the coloured ferrules on the Make Me Up Sets to make the new design uniform across the range.

Synthetic VS Natural

This has been a much talked about subject with the majority of people moving towards Synthetic fibres as technology improves and provides better man-made hairs, the decrease in fallout, lack of smell, and easier washing has out weighed the fact that natural hair has natural tips, while synthetic hairs are machine cut to size, which makes them harsher on the skin and simply not a smooth and tapered. But the average consumer wouldn’t notice the difference.