Sigma Beauty History

Sigma Beauty started out as a entrepreneurial hobby, but has quickly grown into a million dollar International Internet makeup products business.

Sigma’s success is due to a very different  approach to advertising, rather than the expensive traditional forms of advertising e.g. TV commercials, celebrity endorsements, bilboards, etc. Sigma’s sky rocketing growth is driven by word of mouth in cyberspace, an innovative affiliate program, where bloggers and social media users can earn a commission for promoting Sigma products and a focus on online sales that cut out the need to spend a fortune on rent in department centres and shopping malls.

Sigma growth has been jaw dropping compared to similar traditional start-ups in this industry, from 1.5 million in 2009 to over 13 million in 2011, Sigma has definitely been at the fore front of a new age of marketing where you don’t have to be paying millions in advertising and rent costs in order to run a successful and professional company.

This new approach has also helped Sigma’s Professional makeup brushes stay much more affordable which gives it’s customers the best quality for the price by far.

This 21st century approach of using YouTube & social media, as their virtual saleswomen, have catapulted Sigma onto the international makeup scene. Aided by positive word of mouth from bloggers, Sigma’s products, makeup brushes, eye shadow palettes and polishing tools to 150 countries around the world.

Sigma Beauty is constantly innovating new products that meet the highest standards, while being affordable.

Sigma Beauty has a large range of products from individual brushes, brush sets, makeup, and makeup brush accessories like the brush cleaning glove and brush roll.